Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Euro Trip- Day 4& 5 A Day in Belgrade and travel to Bulgaria

 Hotel Moscow- thought I'd treat myself

 Views of the Danube from Belgrade Fortress

Did a bit of vis-migging from the Fortress. 2 Honey Buzzard, 2 Aquila sp, 1 Pied Fly, 2 Spotted Fly, 1 and 1 Red-backed Shrike. Not a lot really. The fortress looks good for migrants and presumably birds follow the Danube. Again surprised how little sign of migration there has been on this journey.
 Visited the Fortress Zoo out of curiosity - a traditional Eastern European Zoo with an incredible range of animals (albiet quite sad and very moving). Lots of Wolves, large cats, bears etc.
 Visited the Natural History Museum Insects of Serbia exhibition which was stunning.

Spent a very interesting day in Belgrade mainly centred around the Fortress overlooking the Danube. Did some vis-migging and birding, spent  a bit time looking for insects and then visited the zoo and the natural history museum. 

In the evening I got on the train from Belgrade to Sofia and this morning got the cab to Shipka to stay with my brother this evening before heading to the Black Sea Coast tomorrow to start some focussed birding. 

Interesting how the trains evolve as one travels east across Europe.

 Belgium to Austria
 Austria to Serbia
 Serbia to Bulgaria

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