Sunday, 6 September 2015

Staines Moor Barred Warbler twitch

 First-winter Barred Warbler (Decent shots here)
 In flight (cop that)
 Whinchat and birder
Male Stonechat
 First-winter Yellow Wagtail and some bovine
 Two Spotted Flycatchers
 Adult Common Buzzard
  Little Owl- three of these performing in the paddocks
 A couple of new plants for me- Small Water Pepper
Tasteless Water Pepper
 Lee (Dingers), finder of the Barred Warbler and his dust eaters (including me)
Lee's wildlife garden- my envy for this demigod has never been so great

Spent the day on the moor with Dingers. Round up from the man-on-fire here : Moor Barred Warbler


Chris Townend (aka Jaffa) said...

Love the dust eaters shot!

Lee Dingain said...

Obviously a posed shot, but I love it!

SJH said...

What a great day - we are not worthy!