Saturday, 4 July 2015

National Meadows Day at Beddington Farmlands

 View over North Lake
 Ox-eye Daisy Meadow
 Meadow Brown on  Wild carrot
 60+ Stock Dove on the Southern Mound today
 Two Marbled White today
 Small Tortoiseshell- a few on the mound 
 Rosel's Bush-cricket- another local meadow speciality
 Black-tailed Skimmer- 25+ in the meadows this morning. Also a couple of Hakwers and Darters (below)
 Six-spot Burnet- expecting the adults to emerge in next couple of weeks. Lots of C.culmella and C.perlella in the grass. Also Sitochroa verticalis but no Burnet Companions today.
Common Blue on Spiny Restharrow. Also Ringlet (on the meadow margins) and Large and Small White in the meadows today.
 Canada Geese grazing on the Southern Mound today 
Skylarks- one to two pairs breeding in the meadows
As it's national meadow day today ( MORE HERE ) I spent the morning in the meadow habitat at the farmlands. 

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