Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Hampton Court Garden Show

Spent today at the Hampton Court Garden Show looking at some more ideas for wildlife gardens.

Wildflower Meadows
These featured in the concept gardens. Interesting to see the use of sculptures, rustic fencing and different edging incorporated into the wildflower meadow concept.  

Designer Gardens good for pollinators
 This summer garden was one of the most popular. Lots of features here good for wildlife- a nice mix of salvias, foxgloves, agapanthus, a pond and Silver Birch trees. Probably not designed for wildlife in mind but a good fuelling station. The matching plant colours with the hard landscaping and garden furniture always works a treat.
 These raised beds are becoming more popular for retirees but also work for lazy people too. Again loads of stuff here good for pollinators. These raised beds means less bending over but also creates more landscape interest and can reduce the area that needs gardening attention to a manageable area. These could go on top of paved areas and provide low maintenance solutions.
Permaculture making its way into designer gardens
 An old favourite- good use of felled timber. I liked the leather cushioned seat covers.
 Loggery- another old classic. A great use for our timber.
 Bee bricks
 Bike locked up to a planting trough
Community Gardens
Part of the RHS Greening Grey Britain project presenting low cost ideas to green up community areas. A use of re-used materials, wildflower mixes, accessories and permaculture.

It was hot! Plenty of things to get some ideas from. Good to see quite a few insects on the displays.

  Essex/Small Skipper
Me and Lee in the Champagne and Seafood Restaurant- naturalists pretending to blend in

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