Sunday, 17 May 2015

Weekend Bits

Reed Warbler- 20+ singing males on site. Also 1-2 Sedge and 3-4 singing Reed Buntings
With 4-5 pairs of Shelduck on site we were hoping for this! Another Mallard brood out on the Northern Lake, at least five Canada Goose broods (too many?) and Great Crested Grebes are displaying on the Southern Lake
Toadflax Brocade- a few moths recently; Angle Shades, Small Seraphim, Knot Grass, Platydera subcinera and Pale Mottled Willow last night
Oedemera nobilis on Dog Rose
Swept a couple of patches of nettles- full of small beetles, spiders and weevils including this one
Also in the nettles
First-summer Yellow-legged Gull (presumably)
First-summer Lesser Black-backed Gull. There are more Lesser Black-backs at the moment than in the winter (many are immature birds like this one). Presumably these are birds (non-breeding immatures or past it adults) that have moved north from Iberia and deciding to hang round here for the summer rather than continue to the core breeding areas.
The Prater brothers re-united!
LNHS group visited today and found some new plants for the site

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