Tuesday, 12 May 2015

May days

 Great Crested Grebe- one of three on the lakes. Hopefully prospecting. Canada Geese chicks are appearing now.
 Juvenile Long-tailed Tit. The first young passerines are appearing, so far seen Dunnock and Blackbird young. Unfortunately doesn't look like Sand Martins are occupying the bank this year.
 Some birds are still on the move- Ringed Plover (left rear) and Common Sandpiper still heading towards their breeding grounds and Little Ringed Plover (right front) arrived a few weeks ago and have been prospecting. A few other migrants about- Swallows and House Martins still passing through in small numbers, a Yellow Wagtail over and Swifts presumably passing through too.
 Swallow Prominent (new one for me). Still not really picked up on the moth front. Evenings still cool. Diamond-backed Moth yesterday (first migrant of the year). Typical moths recently include Shuttle-shaped Dart, Heart and Dart, Platyedra subcinerea, Brimstone, Treble Lines, Knot Grass and Pale Mottled Willow.
 Xylota segnis- a very distinctive hoverfly
 Helophilus pendulus (I think I'm stringing these- these are bronzy looking, maybe Parhelophilus sp? 
Myathropa florea on Hawthorn flower. Currently Hawthorn (May Tree) and Cow Parsley (May weed) are the main flowers along the north lake path. Also apple still flowering. 

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