Monday, 4 May 2015

Bank Holiday

 Female Whinchat
 St. Mark's Fly- an emergence today. This a female- smaller heads and eyes than the males.
 Syrphus sp on Euphorbia
 Scorpion Fly- the first one I've seen this year
Sphaerophoria sp (Yellow line on side of thorax)
Had a quick look over the farmlands before family day out (went to Morden Hall Park). A new Whinchat was the best bird. Also Little Ring, a couple of Common Sands, 2 Sand Martin checking out the bank, a few Swallows, a couple of Swift (30+ earlier) and the guys reported a Red Kite and Buzzards.
Orange-tip, Brimstone, Small White, Speckled Wood and Holly Blue along the path. Also a few Green Longhorns. Loads of St. Marks Flies. Still poor for moths in the evening- just a Brimstone yesterday.
Did a BBS-type survey on the fields north of Bedzed yesterday evening- 50 possible territories. Even though this area is within our recording area unfortunately it's not been systematically surveyed until now.  

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