Friday, 8 May 2015

Gatwick Wildlife Day 2015

 Field Station HQ
 The River Mole. North West Zone - More here
 Long-horned Bee- what a beauty. A local speciality.
 Dingy Skipper
 Mesembrina meridiana
 Lesser Swallow Prominent
 Birch Mocha
Sid and Poplar Hawkmoth
Wood Mouse with Rachel (event organiser)
All good on the north west front from Sid
Attended the Gatwick Wildlife Day ( Biodiversity Gatwick Blog here) today with Sid and Andrew. The site is a local patch neighbour to Beddington farmlands.  The event was hosted by the Gatwick Greenspace Partnership and organised by the Gatwick airport biodiversity team (and several chaps all called Tom).  A great day - moth catching, mammal traps, reptile traps, camera traps - the works.
The Long-horned Bee was magic.