Thursday, 20 November 2014

The Blame Game

Who is to blame for the decline of nature in the UK and wider?

Is it the National Farmers Union and the Common Agricultural Policy? Is it the building developers? Is it the failure of the conservation NGOs? Is it global warming? Is it population increase? Is it the obsession of the conservation community with nature-celebrities, fluff, gush and glossy tosh? Is it the self indulgence/pomp of the scientific community with over technical, obscure and irrelevant pursuits? Is it the lack of co-ordination and over-competition between conservation societies/the scientific community, the public and government? Is it the scramble for limited funding? Is it the duplication of effort over and over a-f##king gain? Is it the global elite? Is it the cytoplasmic mass of mindfulness-less humanity within the conservation movement that infests and overwhelms anything of worth?  Is it birders treating nature primarily like a commodity to collect/hoard rather than something to enhance? Is it the repetition of conservation mantra married with lack of action? Is it the people in positions of power to make a difference in conservation using their power to line their own pockets and seduce their colleagues? Is it the hunting community? Is it my bloody neighbour who has just astro-turfed their lawn? Is it LIDL shoppers that support unethical cheap food production ? Is it the immigrants? Is it Patrick Duffy? 

No. After much deliberation I have come to a conclusion. I am to blame. I am solely and entirely responsible for the decline of nature within the UK and wider. 


ronnie alfrey said...

Good piece of writing something to ponder

Peter Alfrey said...

You're profile pic has left me with something to ponder? WTH is it?

john said...

I'm pretty sure that its both you and Patrick Duffy who are to blame.

Peter Alfrey said...

haha. It's certainly one of us!