Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Songs of Praise, Mini-Episode One, The Black Dog

Here is the first instalment of Songs of Praise, a 'family musical' story that I've knocked up about the adventures of a young naturalist.

It is the dark ages in 20th century London and a boy named Bryan is born. One day, when Bryan was three, he went to the park. He loved the park. He would chase butterflies and feed the birds and hunt for insects.
He was happily playing with his friends one day when suddenly, he saw a sight. It was a sight so scary that his blood set thick.
It was the Black Dog.

This is a song about a lesson learnt from an early experience with nature: Peace is in constant conflict with fear. Often that fear is irrational. It is also often self fulfilling (e.g. dogs tend to go for people who fear them).  Once self-fulfilled the consequences are often not as bad as perceived but sometimes e.g. the dog kills and eats you. In this case the central character survives and goes on to live the rest of his life in constant conflict, hopelessly longing for peace and being whipped along life's road by his fears, to bigger and better things. 

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