Sunday, 6 April 2014

Weekend- Red Kites, migrants and spring moths

 Red Kite- been up to five birds over last three days. Possible to distinguish individual birds by distinctive moult features. On this bird some of the inner secondaries are missing.
 Red Kite- different bird to above. Inner primaries missing.
 Red Kite- another bird- no gaps in wing.
 Curlews. A few migrants this weekend including LRP, Redshank, Swallows, Sand Martin, House Martin today, Common Buzzard, Blackcaps, Chiffchaffs and also quite a few Lesser Black Backed Gulls (including 200+ on Friday)
 Tawny Pinion- if I've identified this correctly it's a site first
 Acleris notana- if I've identified this correctly it's also a site first. (Just heard back from Surrey moths group- has to go down as Acleris sp as it's a dissection job to separate it from A.ferrugana)  
 Moth All Sorts: Common Quakers, Small Quaker, Angle Shades, Tawny Pinion and Clouded Drab
 Clouded Drab, Common Quaker. Twin-spotted Quaker. Knot Grass and Nut-tree Tussock
Field forget-me-not? Other flowering plants at the farmlands at moment include White Comfrey, Red and white dead Nettle, Honesty, Ground Ivy, Bitter-cress, Charlock (been flowering all winter), some prunus trees still

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