Sunday, 27 April 2014

Four Walls

Here's a track from Thee Bryans about the inevitable end of every main stream element of society i.e. extinction and suggests the solution for survival is evolution.

The key figure is a moth like creature that is easily seduced into self imprisonment and going round and round in circles by an elusive force- an irresistible bright light (the delusion of safety in numbers).

Evolution involves a restructuring of the individual within a society- to play a prominent role in societal organisation and leadership (basically people empowerment) rather than hide within the inactive masses (bound within walls of fear and social conformity- hence Four Walls).

An underlying theme is the primary cause for environmental and social decline is individual behaviour, behaviour which is a choice, a choice between co-operating with unsustainable practises or sustainable practises.

In an era of consequence, it is in the individual interest to 'switch sides' and take a lead role in the evolving new sustainable society.

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