Sunday, 13 April 2014


Here's a track from an apocalyptic minstreling monk from Thee Bryans suggesting the only way to avoid environmental and social catastrophe is for individuals to fight for what is of true value by developing a deep self awareness and addressing personal behaviour as the driving force towards a sustainable future.

The song promotes the avoidance of putting the blame elsewhere other than self and asserts that even though an advanced society may consider itself civilised by adopting pacifism it should not forget that the greatest battle is the personal internal battle that each individual must face with their own negative and destructive emotions. It is those emotions and the projection of that consciousness which is the cause of the environmental crisis- a breakdown of the value of self, the loss of self complexity, the loss of positive energy and a decline to increased state of entrophy, apathy. lethargy and hopelessness which is projected in the material world as low grade lack lustre and reduced diverse environments . It is fundamentally a crisis of consciousness that can only be addressed at the individual level by individuals making a conscious choice to rebel against that part of themselves which is self destructive- the cumulative effect of which, if left unchecked, is to slowly be destroying the world around them.

A sustainable future can only be formed by individuals (or enough of them) which have adopted that choice.

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