Monday, 28 October 2013


 Beech- infected with Meripilus Giganteus- look out for large (massive) fronds in late autumn at the base of the tree . Its a cryptic disease so the canopy looks healthy while the roots are turnign to cork and the tree can fall at any time. If present fell the tree asap.
 Horse Chestnut with another hidden disease- apart from the ubiquitous leaf miner the tree look relatively healthy- but look below (hollow inside and decayed wood at base)

 This Maidenhair Tree snapped out at the top- with permission from the tree officer will try and save this by cable bracing it and reducing some of the canopy
 Despite the conditons the moth trap still produced- Mottled Umber was new for the year (left to right: 'winter moth', Mottled Umber and Angle Shades)
Magnolia seed pods- noticed this amongst the carnage
I was up at five keeping my eye on the storm. No birds from the window this morning and no news coming in from Roger by the lake or anyone else in London.
Spent the day on emergency calls out- we had it pretty bad round here- lots of trees down- mostly ones that had various diseases (cryptic in some cases).
Done another hour on the farmlands at dusk but still no sign of any sea birds. 

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