Saturday, 26 October 2013

Pottering around the Obs

 Dark Sword Grass ( i think)
 Bush Cricket (Southern Oak?)
 Tree pits- Rudbekia with Snap dragons, strawberry ground cover and there were tomatoes growing up the Rowan
 Planting today- Foxgloves in the ground from window nursery
 Bit of bread making- bugger all to do with wildlife
Processing the insect catch in the bugry
These westerlies might be interesting if I was back on the Azores but round here I can hardly muster up the energy to leave the flat. Just been sorting out the wildlife garden and catching a few bugs. Harlequin ladybirds have hibernated in the bugry and there's been a few insects in the moth trap during these mild evenings. Lots of caddisflies, a few froghopper nymphs, 'winter' moths, a couple of micros that I simply could not be arsed to try and id and as I'm writing this I can see an Angle Shades in the trap.

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