Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Corvo trip 2013- Day 2 and 3

 Cliff Swallow (Vincent Legrand www.vincentlegrand.com)
Northern Parula, Corvo village (www.rafaelarmada.net)
 Juv Glossy Ibis- one of four on the airfield
 Azorina vidalii- an endemic species to the Azores. The coast line of Corvo village is the best place in the world to see this species.
 Corvo birders - an 'emergency restaurant' has been set up in the auditorium to feed the birders. Will be 45+ birders on the island tomorrow. 
Evenings at the Guesthouse
A few good birds around over the last couple of days including 2 Parulas, an American Redstart, a Buff-bellied Pipit, Cliff Swallow, Rough-legged Hawk and Red-eyed Vireo.
All I've seen is the four Glossy Ibis on the airfield because I've busted my knee and stuck around the guesthouse but as this is my ninth year to Corvo luckily I seen all those beauties before.

Northern Parula by Rafael Armada (www.rafaarmada.net)

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