Sunday, 6 October 2013

Azores, Corvo 2013 trip, Day One

 Rubber tree, Ponta Delgada, Sao Miguel
 Common Waxbill
 First-winter Azores Gull
 Belladonna Lily
Waiting for my flight to Corvo tomorrow. On Sao Miguel island at the moment. Spent the day eating limpets and checking out the parks in Ponta Delgada. Had a very relaxed and enjoyable day. The hours of fruitless searching and boredom, sudden panic followed by pathological excitement, exhaustion and physical injuries will begin tomorrow.


StourbridgeRantBoy said...

Bring it on - looking forward to this seasons posts..........

Laurie -

Peter Alfrey said...

It's only a short one for me this time- a few days but didn't want to miss out totally.
Hope to get something I need.