Wednesday, 22 May 2013


The Incinerator 

Views of Beddington Restoration Area - Beddington Farmlands is being developed into a 400 acre nature reserve within the heartland of the proposed Wandle Valley Regional Park. The incinerator will cause an absolute change in character of the Regional park, will be built on wet grassland habitat and is contrary to earlier obligations made by Viridor to restore the area to a nature reserve when they were given permission to landfill in this ecologically important area

Lapwings- the incinerator is being built on wet grassland habitat where this important relict population breed
Tree Sparrows- numbers have recently crashed ahead of prepartions to build the incinerator

If you dissapprove of the local council decision to build an incinerator at Beddington Farmlands please email Boris:
Please include your name and address and reasons for objection including inappropriate development on protected land and conflict with London Plan and Sutton Planning policies.
The scale of opposition is a critical factor when the GLA consider this application so every registered objection is important.
More on the background to this here:


Waderworld said...

You really didn't expect anything better from that Tory Clown did you ? He also wants to build and artificial island in the heart of Thames estuary and stick a huge airport on top of it. He is a clown who is dangerous because sooner rather than later some thing will get the go ahead and to hell with the environmental consequences. I just can not stand him "Ta Bolle"

Fight a good fight and keep the faith.

Peter Alfrey said...

It's most probably a done deal from years ago but still important to collect objections to indicate unpopularity locally.
That will help when the planners decide how to mitigate for the negative efffects.
We are loosing 2.2ha of Lapwing and Yellow Wagtail habitat which we want to be replaced elsewhere. If people dont object we wont get anything to help repair the damage that the incinerator will cause. So tell Boris from the far east! Hope all is well

mannikon said...

Maybe it is not a "done deal". We can always hope. Response (stock?) from Mayor's Office as follows:

"Thank you for your correspondence regarding Viridor's planning application for Beddington Farmlands. I have been asked to reply.

The Mayor is aware that Sutton Council has recommended approval for Viridor to build a waste facility in Beddington. Due to his decision making role in the planning process it would be inappropriate and prejudicial to comment at this point. The comments raised by objectors to date will be taken into account when the time comes for the Mayor review the application (known as Stage 2) in coming weeks.

Yours sincerely

Katya Phillip
Public Liaison Officer
Greater London Authority"

Peter Alfrey said...

Yes, we can hope but also prepare to reduce the damage if it does come.