Saturday, 11 May 2013

Prevailing May Day

Male Barn Swallow 
House Martin 
Common Swift 
Adela reaumurella - first one I've seen this year
Helophilus pendulus - note the striped thorax also (click on to enlarge) the first two long veins in the wing reach the wing margin, the third long vein has a deep U-shaped bend and anterior cross vein is near the middle of the discal cell
#### knows!? Click on to enlarge and see some of the bristles and details- complex creature
Prevailing weather conditions (or so called) today which usually means that most migration lines drift to the east of us reducing migrant numbers. However seemed to be quite a few Swallows around and the Swift numbers have increased in the last few days to about 80-100. A couple of House Martins too which could be the local birds - a relict population of a once healthy Hackbridge colony. In these kind of weather conditions the hirundines hawk low over the water where presumably the entomolgy is concentrating.
Noticed that the flies were being obliging in these rather cool conditions and many were sunning themselves on the brambles and posing for photos.

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