Friday, 24 May 2013

Red-rumped Swallow


Red-rumped Swallow 
Hobby- launched several attacks on the hirundines today

A few pics of todays Red-rumped Swallow.
Some better ones here:
Thanks to finder Jason Simpson and for Devil Birder for getting the news out.
The 4th Beddington record following birds in 1999, 2003 and one a few weeks ago.


Factor said...

Nice photos Peter. I wonder whether you'd mind if I used one on my blog?

Peter Alfrey said...

No problem,
will be great if you could link to the post about emailing the mayor to object over the ERF

Jaffa said...

Some nice shots there Pete - Assume you managed to get on the "Office List!" Hope all is well.....

Peter Alfrey said...

All good here Jaff- couldn't see it from the window as it was keeping low over the water but blinding views on the lake- down to a couple of meters.
Hope all well your end.