Sunday, 19 May 2013

May Weekend

Here's a few highlights from this weekend. Was hoping to go for the Dusky Thrush but I couldn't blow my mate out again after I had to dissappear last weekend when the Red-rumped Swallow turned up at Beddington- which I dipped anyway. All pics Beddington Farmlands except the last two from Richmond Park.

Lapwing on 100 acre. Six to seven pairs this year with the first chicks recently 
Pink-footed Goose- presumably from one of the London collections as the bird was sporting a dark plastic ring 
Pink-footed Goose- looking a bit tattered 
The Mute Swan chicks on the Southern Lake hatched this morning. Here they are getting escorted to the water for the first time 
Ringed Plover flying round 100 acre yesterday- also a Greenshank yesterday but not too many other migrants 
Scorpion Fly Panorpa germanica- see Tim Worfolk's id aid here:

Sepsidae sp- charcteristically walking around vegetation flashing it's wings 
Isabella Plantation Richmond Park 
Isabella Plantation Richmond Park- Azaleas and Rhododendrons are out during May. Also some interesting bog garden, reed beds and other wildlife habitats being created in the Plantation

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