Thursday, 13 December 2012

Wandle Trail

Freezing Fog 
Wandle Trail at Waddon Ponds looking south 
Wandle Trail at Waddon Ponds looking North same spot as above (modern industry)
Wandle Mill-old Snuff Mill from around 1850 on banks of Wandle 
Mount Pleasant at Beddington Village 
Sedge Bed at Wilderness Island- currently doing some tree work in this area as part of a LWT project
Spent a lot of time recently on the Wandle- working at Wilderness Island and also exploring some parts of the river with Gillian using Bob and Derek's new book- River Wandle Companion and Wandle Trail.  
Contrast is maybe the best word to sum up the River Wandle with nature reserves, grey wagtails and kingfishers, waterfalls, old mills, cottages, dog walkers and ramblers interwoven with council estates, modern warehouses, spiked pallisade fences, hoodies, teenage mums, drunks, fly tipping, dog mess and graffiti. Very interesting, quite strange and definately not boring.  
Beddington Farmlands is to form the heartland of the future Wandle Valley Regional Park - the journey to that end in the upcoming years will be also be extremely interesting.


Faysal said...
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Cragg said...

Hi,I often ride my bike on the wandle trail,not an expert,but love to spot the birds.Last Saturday I saw a pair of Teal.Last year i saw a small ergot.Kingfishers can be seen often.I look to see more unexpected sights.