Sunday, 30 December 2012

Beddington Farmlands 2012 Review

Some personal highlights and photos from Beddington Farmlands in 2012

Juvenile Long-tailed Skua- the first for Beddington
Great White Egret- 2nd and 3rd records for Beddington in 2012
Iceland Gull- a major influx of up to 13 individual birds in early 2012
Cetti's Warbler- unfortunately this male failed to attract a mate despite surviving minus zero temperatures and singing day and night for over six months
Turtle Dove- this bird at the obs feeders was the first one in several years
Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers were holding territory in early 2012
Juvenile Kingfisher
Brent Geese migrating in October
Bar-tailed Godwits migrating in Spring
Female Goldeneye- the first one since 2006
Elephant Hawk Moth
Poplar Hawk Moth- the first one for Beddington
Dewick's Plusia- one of nine that were caught representing the only resident UK population
Jersey Tiger- up to 27 were reported in one evening. This species had not been recorded at Beddington prior to 2012
Rose Plume- a first for Beddington and also a rare vagrant in Surrey
Large Wainscot- a Beddington speciality
Wild Carrots on the restored mounds
Yellow Rattle in the Hide field
Wildlife Garden in Hackbridge forming part of a chain linking Beddington Farmlands with the River Wandle and the Wandle Valley Regional Park
Bug hunting
Bird tour group
Beddington Farm Bird Group Members 
Little Moth-ers
 Planning Group
Carshalton Environmental Fair- Wildlife Photography and Beddington Farmlands Exhibition
Lapwing- still doing well at Beddington


Joe Beale said...

A nice summary of Beddington's year, looks like a lot was achieved! Good luck for 2013 too.

Peter Alfrey said...

Cheers Joe, a pretty good year. Happy new year.