Wednesday 19 December 2012

Beddington Farmlands in the past

Looking east in the 1960s 
Ringing group in the 60s 
Birding legend Peter Grant at the ringers hut 
Ringers on Irrigation Bridge 
Google 1945 showing field system

A few nostalgic shots which have recently been unearthed by Mike. The photos were taken by Peter Morgan.


Steve Gale said...

It may not have been as good for scarce species, but back in 1974 when I first visited Beddington the place had a magical feel. Rows of elms and poplars, quite a few big fields that periodically flooded, hedgerows and a sense that you were in the middle of the countryside. The place has lost its soul and these images make me want to weep.

Lee Dingain said...

Brilliant images! The farm was such a big part of my birding youth and it's incredible how much it has changed. I would have loved to seen it back in the 40s or 50s.

Darryl said...

Nice pics. It's interesting there isn't any obvious bomb damage in the 1945 Google Earth imagery, I was looking at the other day, it seems to suggest several bombs landed on the farm during 1940-41, I'd have thought they'd still be noticeable a few years later.

StourbridgeRantBoy said...

Nice evocative photos. I still have some signed drawings of Gulls and Terns bought off Pete on the Scillies in the 80's. Your mention of him brings back many happy memories of new birds and new friends from that superb decade...

ATB and Merry Xmas -

Laurie -

Peter Alfrey said...

Garry said that they found an unexploded WW2 bomb a few years ago when they were extracting the gravel.

Hope the soul of Beddington can be restored with the new reserve.

Peter Alfrey said...

Cheers Laurie,
I never met Peter Grant but am a big fan and very proud to be birding from where he graduated. Just hope we can restore more of the magic back in site- for the birds, birders and for Peter.
Merry Xmas to you too