Thursday, 27 December 2012

Thee Bryans 2012 Review

Bryan and a Red Kite by Holly Showell and Szabolcs Kokay 
Bryan in the woods by Holly Showell, Lisa Benson and Szabolcs Kokay 
Proto-type Songs of Praise

In 2012 we completed the proto-type for Songs of Praise. Songs of Praise is a music and art collabaration about the journey of a young naturalist who comes across all kinds of strange creatures- birds, animals, lesbians, strange relatives, wasps, girls, spiders, black dogs and jehovah witnesses  . The story is about how the young naturalist tries to make sense of nature, people in it and most confusing of all-  his own place in nature.

A bit more on this here:


Island Rambles Blog said...

I enjoyed the book and the clip and the drawings are sweet, this is a really nice blog you have built here. Glad I found it and good birding in 2013. cheers.

Peter Alfrey said...