Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Return to Beddington

Sam Woods

Tree Sparrow - colour ringed as part of London Tree Sparrow Partnership (red ring on right leg and silver ring on left). Keep an eye out for them and please report to

Adult Willow Warbler

Common Starlings
Met up with ex-Beddington birder Sam Woods who is now a global bird tour guide and is in the country for the Bird Fair this weekend. We went over to the farm to photograph some species for the new book he is working on about the natural history of Australia!
So in keeping with tradition we didn't get any decent photos and saw bugger all- which always happens when Sam is around which is what drove him out of the country in the first place.
Sam's adventures here:


Lee Dingain said...

Sam looks like he's just trodden in something he wish he hadn't!

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john said...

I got to hang out at the Tropical Birding office in Quito when I visited the country. I dont remember if Sam was there or not, but I really loved staying in the Tropical Birding lodge, Tandayapa. Oh how I envy Sam's life.