Saturday, 6 August 2011


Juvenile Yellow-legged Gull or LBB (I give up on some of these)

Tufted Ducks- three broods on the Northern lake at the moment

Great Oak Beauty? (probably Willow Beauty)

Pug sp.

5561 is the total population of birds that were on or over the farm today. Well rather it is what I saw (this time of year there is probably a lot of passerines keeping low). The bulk of that number is made up of Starling (2000), Jackdaw (400), Carrion Crow (200), Herring Gull (700) and Ring-necked Parakeet (1500).
3 Wood Sandpipers still present.
Last night the moth room was pretty busy- I (think I) had Yellow Shell, Great Oak Beauty, Tree Lichen Beauty, some kind of Pug, 4-5 species of unidentified micro (meal moth?) and what I think was a Speckled Footman. (Actually could have been Ethmia dodecea).


Bomber said...

Pete, almost certainly Currant Pug.
Not seen photo but wouldn't have been Speckled Footman, a mega rarity down here in Dorset. Have you checked Thistle Ermine? Dodecea a possibility but TE the normal confusion sp.

Peter Alfrey said...

Thanks a lot, will check out Thistle Ermine . Currant Pug- another tick! Thanks again