Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Hot and Moths

? Tree-lichen Beauty

Shuttle-shaped Dart

Red-necked Footman?? It's a micro probably Batia unitella

Double-striped Pug? (confirmed)

Small Argent and Sable? (Common Carpet)

Shuttle-shaped Dart

These hot evenings seem to be stirring up the the local insects- quite a few moths recently and a lot of small beetles too in the obs. It's also stirring the local people up- five police cars outside at the moment following a little street riot.
The West's End aside, there's been a good range of moths which I have attempted at identifying (apologises for being an absolute beginner). As usual corrections more than welcome.
There were 3 Wood Sands on the farm today ,see here
and I can hear them calling now (10pm).


Steve Gale said...

Hi Peter, from the top: Tree-lichen Beauty; Shuttle-shaped Dart; Dingy Footman (I think); Double-striped Pug; Common Carpet; Shuttle-shaped Dart again.

Peter Alfrey said...

Cheers Steve,
Interesting that we all had Tree-lichen Beauty last night. Mine is still on the lamp shade.
Glad I got some of them right.

Frippery noodlings said...

The Moth named as 'Red Necked Footman??' is the Pyralid Lesser Wax Moth. Just browsed your Blog (accidentally) whilst listening to the football. Phil (Ramsgate)