Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Back in Business

Eclipse male Garganey

Juvenile Goldfinch on Creeping Thistle

Adult Common Sandpiper

Juvenile (pullus) Lapwing- just beginning to fly now

Fantastic Mr Fox

Replaced my camera today. At last! Got these shots this evening.


Lee Dingain said...

About bleedin time!!!

Peter Alfrey said...

The insurance only paid out 2.5K and just replacing my old set came to nearly 3K. I wanted the 300 f2.8 but that was nearly 6K on its own. I was going to go for it but then my tax bill arrived!! That made my mind up for me :-)

Lee Dingain said...

You'll have to cut back on those sushi meals!!

Gareth said...

Hi Peter,
I had the insurance co. contact me a couple of weeks ago, enquiring exactly the details to your camera-in-the-soup incident, so good to hear you are back in business!

Cheers, Gareth

Peter Alfrey said...

Cheers Gareth,
the said they never heard such a stupid story before so made a full enquiry. I told them probably becuase they'd never heard a true story before.
Cheers for helping out Gareth