Thursday, 17 March 2011


This is certainly a mountain to climb. In theory the mission sounds simple.
'Transform Hackbridge into the UK's first sustainable village for future living'
Such a village is characterised by self sufficiency, local business, strong local community, zero waste, zero carbon, energy efffeciency, participation democracy and high biodiversity- (in our case closely allied with the emerging Beddington Farmlands Nature Reserve).
Well so far in nearly eighteen months of constant struggle, countless meetings, singing, writing poems, designing logos and slogans, watching movies about transition towns, permaculture and peak oil and listening to sermons by Al Gore we have got as far as putting in a few trees, a couple of shrubs and about 200 daffs. Well its a start.
It seems there is a counter force in this village which is promoting dependency, big business, a weak local communtiy, high waste, high pollution, elitism and environmental destruction.
It's the whole world in a nutshell and this is proving to be a rather hard nut to crack :-)

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