Sunday, 20 March 2011

Early spring at Beddington

I had a Yellow Wagtail from the obs this morning and a few Chiffchaffs were singing too so spring migration continues to unfold. In addition to large numbers of gulls being on the move there were also Cormorants migrating today with 12+ birds going over. One or two visited the lake and by the looks of it at least this one (below) was a Continental Cormorant (P.c. sinensis). The gular patch angle looks to be about 75 degrees and the base of the patch appears to fall behind the eye. However I don't have much experience with identifying these birds. There is still talk of North Atlantic and Continental Cormorants being split into different species so worth getting to grips with them- should have tried years ago but just couldn't muster up the enthusiasm until now.

Lapwings are taking up territories (about three pairs on 100 acre) and Tree Sparrows are in the new boxes. More songsters are firing up including this male Dunnock (below) on Mile Road Bridge.

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