Wednesday, 16 September 2020

Sheppey, Kent- American Golden Plover

 I don't even know why I bother birding inland. Another day on Sheppey today, we started off at Leysdown Country Park, then did the high tide at Shellness, then we checked out Warden Point and after lunch at Leysdown (Cockney capital of the Planet Earth, where I had Jellied Eels, Cockles, Whelks, Dressed Grab and Gypsy Tart) we did Capel Fleet. 

Highlights included the long staying adult American Golden Plover at Shellness, a Short-eared Owl in off the Swale, double figures of Gannets in the Swale, 40+ Common Scoter, a Whinchat, about 50 Sandwich Tern in the Swale, 10 Common Tern there and the wader roost spectacle of 1000+ Curlew and 2000+ Oystercatcher. 

Also appeared that someone has let the Red-legged Partridges out for the shooting season- there were hundreds of them out by Harty Ferry. Surprisingly very few hirundines (only one flock of Swallow), a big influx of Teal at Capel Fleet since two weeks ago (200+ today) and Kojak and I have still to see a Wheatear this autumn. 

Kojak's account and Ebird lists HERE

Adult American Golden Plover within a flock of 388 Golden Plover
Short-eared Owl- came in off the sea 
Just a few of the Curlew roost at Shellness
Kestrel showing well
Wall Brown- a few of these on the cliffs near Warden Point. Also a few Migrant Hawkers and Common Darters. Loads of Ivy Bees around. Other butterflies included Large White, Speckled Woods and Red Admiral. 
View back towards Leysdown from Warden Point- a famous landslip area and also one of the best sites in the UK for fossil birds (from the Eocene) 


Jonathan Lethbridge said...

I went to Oare last weekend and came away thinking the same. I need to leave London. Hopefully COVID will spell the end of commuting to big offices in cities and those of who have previously had to do this can instead work remotely and enjoy a better work life balance in a nicer place.

Peter Alfrey said...

yes hope so! If all goes to plan I'm hoping to move to coast within next year or two.