Wednesday, 9 September 2020

Birding forecast

 With a westerly airflow, doesn't seem to be a particularly exciting week for the bits that bother me. The jet stream is presumably waving across the top of these depressions which presumably accounts for the small influx of american waders and ducks which have appeared over last few days (included five Blue-winged Teals up north). However despite the westerlies if they are light enough migration will continue as shown by the weekend's happenings with large passerine movements (including the first waves of Mips). So a bit of a tick-over situation really. 

A change in weather is coming early next week with a pulse of warm air coming up from the continent. 

Forecast for Friday this week. The dominant westerly airflow, concentrated more to the north west with a light westerly across the south sets the scene for the week.  American waterbirds riding the jet streams could be a feature through the week - mainly north and west UK. 

Forecast for Monday 14th September- warm air coming up from the continent - maybe a bit of raptor and soaring bird movement making their way into a light warm headwind and could be good for migrant moths 

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