Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Eurotrip 2019, Day 18: Cape Kaliakra and Bolata

Started the day off at the Cape Ebird list here and ended it at Bolata Ebird list here.

 Red-rumped Swallow in the Bolata reed bed hirundine and Yellow Wagtail roost 
 Black-throated Diver circling the Cape this morning. Also had 3 Caspian Tern go over.
 Moulting adult Little Gull. There seemed to be large numbers following fishing boats- need to bring the scope out to check. Also had dolphins breaching at distance- presumably Bottle-nosed.
 One of the better Eastern Black-eared Wheatear candidates I've had amongst the Pied Wheatears
 Jersey Black Arches 
Ecpyrrhorrhoe rubiginalis


Dawn Balmer said...

I've got a few photos of potential Black-eared Wheatears too - need to read up and look a bit harder! Interesting to see the different species you are picking up as the days go on.

Peter Alfrey said...

Those Wheatears are certainly tricky!
Yes an interesting change in weather today too- much cooler with cloud. Had a few soaring birds going over and more vis mig.