Monday, 3 June 2019

Weekend Moths

A bit of a flying visit to Oxford this weekend as needed to be back in London to sort out the Little Oak work teams. Met up with Barry Hudson (Secretary of Oxfordshire Ornithological Society, the OOS) and we had a good chat about the different conservation challenges in socially challenging urban areas like Beddington Farmlands and more rural, wealthy and Conservative areas like Oxfordshire. Hopefully some cross pollination opportunities. Beddington Farmlands is certainly a hot bed for radical conservation experimentation and with some high brow sophisticated legal and scientific input from the OOS in exchange for radical high risk input from our side, there seems to be some good opportunities for some joint ventures. 

Stayed around the Old Vicarage doing the moths and some garden recording- 606 species now on the garden list. Also did a bit of planting in the walled garden.

I got back to London last night in time to do a bit of moth trapping here too. 

 Privet Hawkmoth at the Old Vic
 Male and female Pale Tussock at the Old Vic 
 Grass Rivulet at the Old Vic 
 Foxglove Pug at Beddington 
 Pug sp. Grey? Worn Freyer's? Beddington Farmlands 
 Brown Silver-line at Beddington 
 Rustic Shoulder Rustic, Beddington 
Cypress Carpet, Beddington Farmlands 


barry said...

Meeting with Peter Alfrey was all positives and good to know we are pulling in the same direction. Unfortunately changing circumstances means we have gone from trying to better the lot of our wildlife to having great fears for the very existence of much of the life on earth including ourselves, this culture, fuelled by greed and expansion just cannot continue and unless Mankind gets his/her act in order we are in danger of disappearing up our own jaxies. The Oxon Feather.

Peter Alfrey said...

Certainly dark times, but also on the verge of fundamental changes. Great to meet you Barry and looking forward to meeting up again soon.

barry said...