Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Big Moth Night

A muggy night at the Beddington Farmlands light trap produced the biggest night of the year so far with 77 species. A few highlights below.

Painted Ladys are undergoing an invasion at the moment with large numbers on the south coast and penetrating into Surrey and London. I'm seeing ones and twos more or less everywhere. The invasion is occurring right across Eurasia to at least as far East as the Caucasus. 

Spent most of the day working through the moths and also did a bit in the Obs garden. 

 Blue-bordered Carpet
 Silky Wainscot 
 Obscure Wainscot 
 Reddish Light Arches 
 Bulrush Veneer, Calamtropha paludella 
 Diamond-back Marble, Eudemis profundana (above and below) 

 Marbled Bell, Eucosma campoliliana
 Poplar Shoot, Gypsonoma oppressana ?No it's  Epinotia tenerana- thanks Billy Dykes once again !
Hawthorn Cosmet , Blastodacna hellerella
 Broad-barred White 
Common Yellow Conch,  Agapeta hamana
 Bud Moth, Spilonota ocellana 
 The Actinic set up last night 
 Viper's Bugloss outside the obs 
 Mints and Lavender in the obs garden 
Salvias, Snapdragons and wild Cut-leaved Cranesbill in the Obs garden 


Lee Dingain said...

What no MV in the window as well?

Peter Alfrey said...

I've upped the game- building a platform!

Lee Dingain said...

I look forward to seeing that!