Saturday, 19 January 2019

The Precipice

The polarisation of politics is a defining character of our times. Right and left wing extremism is a tool being used by Fundamental Capitalists to destroy nature, nations, community, family, individual belief systems and the environment in order to weaken and break people into the new global corporate world order. . As traditional political systems buckle under the power of the corpocracy, right and left wing polarisation is the only way that politicians can maintain some relevance and serve some purpose to the seat of modern power- corporate leaders. The corporate leaders lobby politicians and also make their lives easier by single large points of taxation and can execute large infrastructure projects in more efficient less democratic and less sensitive ways than the state ever can. All they ask of politicians is to generate an environment of political chaos for them to be able to build a global corporate aristocracy and slave armies from.

With right wing provocateurs herding people into reactionary xenophobes and left wing provocateurs herding people into a tribe of harmless gender free vegans, the only thing that matters to the corporate leaders is the destabilisation of the political middle ground which leaves a lot of people who don't fit into either extremist group finding it hard to find their feet. That serves the corpocracy well- lost and confused people like to sedate the anxiety of being detached by either joining an extremist political group and driving further chaos or developing a shopping addiction or by climbing a corporate ladder/ running on one of the corporate tread mills/hamster wheels.

Happy days all round for the corporate leaders.

Despite the blindingly obvious chaos and incompetence of our political system there is still no serious challenge on the real seat of modern power ( corporate power) from the general population or a call for a political system that pulls the global aristocracy into an accountable system where the democratic system is modernised. Until that happens, the rich will just keep getting richer, the poor poorer, nature will continue to be obliterated, corporate power will grow, the slave armies will swell, species extinctions will escalate, climate chaos will intensify and we will edge closer and closer to our next evolutionary precipice that will forge a more sustainable system.


barry said...

Being somewhat left wing in the cause of there is plenty to go round for all of us if the greedy don't hive it off first, it is with some reluctance that I have to admit that wealth tends to generate wealth for all, that is with the exception of our beleaguered wildlife when it is obvious that a system based on expansion will destroy so much and is quite possibly a pointer to our own demise. The Oxon Feather.

Peter Alfrey said...

I think that's a myth that wealth generates wealth for all. That's a fundamental capitalist dogma i would say. I agree there is the potential for wealth to generate wealth for all- meritocracy, social status/hierarchy and financial reward can drive sustainable growth but surely its all about the underlying moral/ethical foundation. A lot of people are more than happy to volunteer for a good cause and financial incentive is often considered demeaning to that but when faced with realities a gentle meritocracy that involves financial incentives has its place. Wealth generation per se irrespective of moral/ethical consideration is an obvious open goal for greed, inequality and ecological destruction to thrive and to justify itself under the banner of faith in the Free Market- again another example of extremist Captialist dogmatism.

For me the challenge on the global corpocracy and the reign of the Fundamental Capitalists is the single most important factor in halting the sixth extinction (and human extinction). There's no reason why the corpocracy cannot be forged into a force for sustainable growth, recovery of society and biodiversity recovery but a clear identification of the greatest political goal of our era is required and the polarisation of politics should be polarised towards the architects of chaos and division. Right and left need to converge agaisnt the fundamental capitalists.

barry said...

Absolutely! It really should be all about the underlying moral/ethical foundation or as one great man said "I have a dream" Alas the recent rising of the far right is turning the dream into a nightmare. The Oxon Feather.