Friday, 4 January 2019

Fuerteventura Day 3- Houbara

Spent this morning at Tindaya Plains (Ebird list HERE )and the afternoon with the family on the Beach which was actually quite productive including Yellow-browed Warbler, Chiffchaff, a flock of Spoonbills and some other shorebirds.  (Ebird list HERE).

 'Fuerteventura' Houbara Bustards - typically this island form is much more heavily marked on the upperparts than the nominate form in North Africa
 Barbary Partridge 
 Berthelot's Pipit 
Lesser Short-toed Lark
 Ruddy Shelduck 
 Tindaya Plains - Houbara country. Also at 6 Black-bellied Sandgrouse and full of Lesser Short-toed Lark and Berthelot's Pipit 
View over region 

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