Tuesday, 27 November 2018


A busy week underway ahead of the Neighbourhood Development Group referendum this Thursday HERE 
Had a meeting with Pooran from Bioregional this morning about integrating efforts, including our neighbourhood plan and our business action plan into an international platform that unites sustainable activity- One Planet Network. Here's a Tedx talk from Pooran about One Planet and a couple of links to the network and our own network (Little Oak Group) which we plan to integrate into the One Planet Framework. Pooran is a sustainability advisor to the United Nations and his plans include escalating the principles of One Planet and the network members into forming a future makers network to form the basis of a multi-value indices system for world government. Part of that will be integrating biological recording systems into those value systems to ensure that biodiversity is provided for at every level of decision making. To see an example of environmental policies of our neighbourhood plan related to biodiversity integration into the planning system see section 6 of the plan HERE. This is all proper New World Order shit, the underlying algorithms and codes that govern societal evolution- well in there (result!). 

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