Thursday, 15 November 2018

Bulgaria, November 2018, Day 4

A very successful day today. We met Dimiter (our inside man) and Anton (the agent) at 0930 in the Hotel to have a look at a series of selected investment plots that fitted our criteria. We were able to eliminate two of the suggestions which left us with three areas to view-  the periphery of Tyulenovo and Kamen Bryag villages. We then travelled north to view the sites, looked at surrounding properties and plots and after Anton was able to develop an advanced search image he left us to go back to the office to select additional options. We then did the inside job and met a couple of local contacts who showed us private plots and then went on to meet the Mayor of the village to see if he had anything up his sleeve. We've ended up with six options, three of which are perfect matches and we should also have additional options from Anton by tomorrow. The price per meter is ranging from 15-36 m2 so some are obviously trying it on  but with so many options we are in a good bargaining position going forward. We should have a complete bundle of options and prices by tomorrow. 

In addition to the first toe hold we get there is clearly a lot of investment options in this area where we could possibly invite joint ventures to increase the scale of the project but first, as Dimiter says , 'let us catch the first fish'.

It's impossible to not see good birds in this area. While travelling and viewing houses today we had 7 species of raptor an immature White-tailed Eagle flying along the road, two Hen Harriers, Marsh Harrier, Common Buzzards, Peregrine, Kestrel and Sparrowhawk. Also coveys of Grey Partridge coming up from the fields and Corn Buntings everywhere. 

 Immature White-tailed Eagle (above and below) 

 Juvenile Peregrine (above and below) 

 The Kamen Bryag mayor
 The entire map of regulated land in the area
 This is the plot deeds that we have for reference for each option 
Viewing the plots 
 Above and below- sites that meet all our criteria- within the regional search area (major migration area), within 500m of the Black sea, adjacent to a Natura 2000 site/SPA in at least one direction, room for expansion, vehicle access, mixed semi-natural habitats,  regulated to permit construction of a research cabin, electric and water available, close proximity to facilities, 4G and within budget. 

 Me and the old man ready to cut some mustard 

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