Monday, 12 November 2018

Bulgaria, November 2018

Currently in Bulgaria back at the Balkan Ecology Project. Heading off to the Black Sea coast today to look for a new area, in the hope of finding somewhere to buy a small property and set up a migration observation point. A long way to go with this. Today we had a look at the new plot to the east of Shipka, where we did the bioblitz last year, food production has started on that plot now. For full updates on this project see HERE .

There was a cat roaming around the fields by the lake- looked like a hybrid Wildcat. Also had Black Woodpecker flying along the ridge and large numbers of Tree Sparrow and Chaffinch to the west of the village. A few Bramblings around, Bullfinch, Crested Larks and Syrian Woodpeckers also. 

 Hybrid Wildcat- the barred dark tipped tail, barred legs and single dark stripe on tail and back are good Wildcat features. However the spotting on the flanks, the less full tail and lack of buffy snout indicate a non pure animal. 
 The stripes on the face and neck are also good Wildcat features. 
 Another shot showing the single black tail and back stripe
 An impressive looking creature nonetheless 
 The Shipka Monastery 
 Sunset over the Valley of the Roses 
Dylan at work 

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