Sunday, 5 February 2017

Ghana 2017

Didn't have any internet for last week or so, so here's a quick photo summary of each day. Full trip report to follow. 
DAY 10

Today we drove to Atewa and stopped off at the Nyame Forest- a great spot for butterflies.

Blue Diadem (cheers Nik Borrow for id) 

Black Cuckoo- the red-throated race
Crested Malimbe
Preus's Cliff Swallow and Barn Swallow
Birding in the village 
Our day ended at Old Tafo- a site a major Straw Coloured Bat roose 

We spent the morning at Hans Cottage and Kakum before heading over to the Picathartes site. 
Orange Weaver
Village Weaver 
Monitor Lizard sp at Hans Cottage
Piping Hornbill 
Squirrel sp, Hans Cottage 
Viellot's Black Weaver and Village Weaver 
Black Spinetails- an incredible 20+ at the Picathartes site 

We spent the morning at Ankasa Forest and then travelled east stopping of at Brunu beach road on the way. 
Senegal Thick-knee
African Harrier Hawk


Another great day exploring the forests at Ankasa.

Black Bee-eater 
Bronze Manakin 
Pied Hornbill 
Grey-headed Sparrow 
Cuckoo Hawk 

A day exploring the forests of Ankasa. 

 Great Blue Turaco
Red-billed Helmet Shrike 
Fledgling Red-billed Helmet Shrike 

Elephant skull at Ankasa
Sound recording in the forest 
Hartlaub's Ducks 

Today we journeyed from Kakum to Ankasa. 
 Pale morph Ayres's Hawk Eagle 

A great day at Kakum.

 Black Dwarf Hornbill
 Tambourine Dove
 Chestnut-capped Flycatcher
 Sabine's Puffback
 Olivaceous Flycatcher

Pel's Anomalure (Flying squirrel)

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