Saturday, 27 August 2016

SPAIN- Day 4 In the Mountains

Spent today up in the Pico d' Europos National Park having a look at some mountain specialities.

 Alpine Accentor
 Alpine Chough- also Rufous-tailed Rock Thrush, Water Pipit, Griffon Vultures, Linnets, Northern Wheatear, Short-toed Eagle and Red-billed Choughs around 
 Spanish Ibex
 Alpine Newt
 Alpine Newt- note the lack of spotting on the belly 
 Wood Mouse- hiding in an oak tree after one his companions got eaten by a Weasel 

 Diving Beetles in a mountain pond

 Picos d'Europos
 View on the way back 

 Wildcat- spent the evening looking at the Wildcats and also looking for Brown Bear
Another Hybrid Wildcat 

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