Saturday, 13 August 2016

Bits and Bobs

Here's a few bits and bobs from the last week or so:

 Two juvenile Little Egrets- on 100 acre yesterday evening found by Christian- a new member to the bird group.  Been a few autumn migrants in the week.
 The first Snipe of the autumn (been a couple about). Also been a Wood Sand in the week (I heard it from the obs), 10 Green Sand, 2 Common Sandpiper and up to 30 Lapwing (below). 

 A few autumn ducks including up to 6 Teal, a Shoveler and 3 Gadwall. Also the odd flock of Swift moving through, a Buzzard on Thursday, Hobby most days and mixed tit and warbler flocks moving around the edges. 
 I presume this is a rufous form of one of the regular Knothorns?
 Oak Processionary Moths. Had six on one night and singles on other nights. I've been asked to report these to the local authority and collect the specimens. The species is a controlled species due the risks (potentially fatal) they pose as caterpillars.  
 White-point- in Gillian's Garden on Tuesday when maintaining the wildlife garden there 
 Yellow-barred Brindle- a new for the year
 Oak Bush Cricket- had the odd one coming to the light trap and found the odd one in the Obs garden. On the insect front also had 6 Migrant Hawkers together yesterday evening on Mile Road Bridge and still some Red-eye Damselflies on the Northern Lake 
 The Obs freezer- complete with naturally killed birds that I will practise preparing skins on 

Prepared a skin for the juvenile Crossbill that Pooran found on Bedzed- a very scarce local bird that's well worth keeping for prosperity

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