Monday, 1 August 2016

I'm a Communist

It's just dawned on me that I might be a communist (they are sneaky, I didn't even know I was one of them).

Here's a few clues

1) I hate fundamental capitalists
2) In terms of fundamental values I put quality of society and environment before money (i.e. I'm not a complete and total fucking retard)
3) I run a business where I pay the staff as much as myself, offer part ownership to any staff, cap my own wages and spend profits/ dividends on social and environmental projects - so basically run a closed circuit  multi-value economy
4) I live in a communal residential estate and manage communal green spaces
5) I'm involved in several multi-stakeholder/ community projects
6) I really do not give a flying tuppennny fuck about the day to day dramas of the Kardashians, Made in Chelsea or anyone from that ilk
7) When I see a gezer in a flash car or being a flash jack- I think 'what a cunt' (and it really is not jealousy- you don't have to be jealous of pricks like Donald Trump who really really is a prize cock)
8)  I wear communist hats!
9) I'm a member of the Green party (formerly known as the People's Party)
10) I'm going to loose loads of American blog followers who read this post!

I should have worked it out sooner?? 

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