Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Incinerator Update

Many local people would have received this flyer recently which contains misleading information about the bird life and work of the bird and wildlife group. The 2014 Bird and Wildlife Report referred to in this flyer does not support the statement that 'This work (the work of the Conservation Science Group) is really paying dividends for birds at the site'. The report actually proves severe and long term ecological decline with the loss of nearly all of the species targeted for conservation. The Beddington Farmlands Conservation Science Group and the Conservation Management Plan that the group manages has actually failed and continues to fail in all its primary targets.
In addition recent indicators to be published in the 2015 report suggests an increase in the local breeding bird population. This is actually due to a change in the way the data is being recorded and does not accurately represent a change in fortune for local wildlife. The wildlife on site and most importantly the species targeted for conservation continue to be in severe decline.
As for the content of the rest of this information flyer, no comment can be made apart from to exercise the necessary caution, in light of the very misleading content with regards to the subject matter we do have expertise on.

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