Friday, 18 March 2016

A couple of large chips

In the war of attrition, erosion and denudation which is the war for the future for nature and people, we've had a couple of chips flying off in recent weeks:

1) Irrigation bridge has had a stay of execution thanks to MKA Ecology and Derek Coleman who have highlighted that there has not been adequate surveys to check for roosting bats.  It buys us some time (to September at least) which is a bit annoying because I was looking forward to some spring demonstrations and direct action. Nevermind- I'm sure the threat has not gone anywhere and I very much doubt the council or network rail give a flying monkies about access to the future nature reserve and regional park (or not enough to put any money into it anyway) and simply intend to draw out a phoney and lengthy period of 'concern', say all possibilities have been explored and exhausted and as usual money and the dream of a Capitalist fascist state has to come first and people and nature second.

To sign the petition please sign here: SAVE THE BRIDGE

2) A meeting with the Viridor directors recently concluded with Dan Cooke, strategic director saying that following our recent negative campaigns highlighting the extinction of the Tree sparrows and collapse of the local ecosystem (that made it into Private Eye and regional news networks) we  (the bird group and local community groups) now have a direct line into the heart of the company, a company which have decided to focus more on the restoration and get things right in future for people and nature, have been promised that we will be working closer with their PR guy for shared aims and objectives, have been promised that the restoration plan will get back on target and also can rest assured that we are now heading to a brighter future. What a load of bollocks! I appreciate the sentiment and the Viridor guys are bloody nice chaps but we're sharpening our pitch forks here. The Capitalist fascist state will only be held back by pockets of the most persistent resistance. We hope to work amicably with Viridor as much as possible though and develop community corporate partnerships.

3) My fascist capitalist management company at the obs HmlAndertons have yielded to pressure and dropped our management fee by 20.1%- nearly a £300 saving on last years extortion racket.

So some sort of success in the general apocalyptic decline.

This aint easy! I think I'm loosing it. Getting tired of grinding away, really could do with some heavy plant in here to knock some massive bits off and cause a landslide.

Evolution progresses through both gradual transformation and cataclysm. Time for some cataclysm. Something's going to give, probably my sanity!

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