Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Wetlands; Pannagamuwa, Bundula and Kalamatiya, Sri Lanka

 Purple Swamp Hem
  Immature Brahminy Kite
  Clamourous Reed Warbler

 Grey Langurs

 Oriental Skylarks- note lack of white trailing edge to secondaries. Also buff outer rectices and contrasting wing panels.
 Blue-tailed Bee-eater
 Paddyfield Pipit
  Variegated Flutterer
 Lesser Whistling Duck
 White-naped Woodpecker
 Jungle Owlet
Grey-headed Fish Eagle

Been looking at a few wetland areas over the last couple of days. Bundula was stunning.


Arjun Dutta said...

Dear Peter

My name is Arjun and I live in Wallington.

I am 12 and my greatest hobby is birdwatching and I have read your blog daily for around a year in interest of Beddington.
We went to Malaysia recently and saw many similar birds to you have.
I wanted to say that your pictures are beautiful, especially the owls - which I can never see anywhere no matter how much I want to or try to.
I would like to go to Beddington Farm at some point before it gets turned into an unwantred dump.

Peter Alfrey said...

Dear Arjun,
Thank you kindly.
I will be sorting out several tours/events to Beddington Farmlands for next year. Details will be available on the events page here: by mid January. Hope you can join one of the tours with a guardian.
Despite some worries about the future of the site, there is still lots of nature there and always will be and the more people that get involved the more there will be so hope to see you on one of the tours next year. :-)
All the very best