Monday, 14 December 2015

Sri Lanka, Sinharaja

 Bamboo Orchid
 Reed-like Kukri Snake
 Common Bronze Back

 White-faced Starling
 Sri Lanka Crested Drongo
 Ashy-headed Laughing Thrush
 Green Garden Lizard
 Purple-faced Leaf Monkey
 Asian Paradise Flycatcher
 Red-vented Bulbul
 Green-billed Coucal
 Ruddy Mongoose 
 Female Sri Lanka Spurfowl
 Male Sri Lanka Spurfowl
 Yellow-fronted Barbet
 Sri Lanka Kangaroo Lizard
 Layard's Striped Squirrel
 Malabar Trogon
 Serendip Scop's Owl
 Sri Lanka Frogmouth
 Sri Lanka Green Pigeon
 Sri Lanka Blue Magpie
 Toque Monkey
 Ceylon Tree Nymph

Spent a few days in the montane rainforest of Sinharaja. Here's a few pics and some of the highlights. Full trip report to follow.

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