Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Last day on Corvo 2015

 One Rose-breasted Grosbeak
 Another female appears 
Where's Alan? There were two males in the village today (with red underwing coverts and black coverts).

 The Cliff Swallow (a pale-throated bird)- still present yesterday evening
 Buff-bellied Pipit at the reservoir- one of 3-4 birds today
 White-rumped Sandpiper at the reservoir

Last day on Corvo today. Went up the reservoir with Katt, Darryl, Rene and a camera crew making a documentary on Azores natural history. We showed them some american birds. A REV turned up in the guesthouse garden while we were discussing where to go! There was 1-2 BBPs at the reservoir, 1 White-rumped Sand, a Grey-cheeked Thrush was flying around and the American Goldies were in the same place.

An epic season- today in the lighthouse valley there was Eastern Wood Pewee, Black-throated Blue Warbler, Northern Parula and Common Yellowthroat- in one patch of trees, It's been brilliant. My favourite year, less stressful than 2005 (which blew me away) but with the same birds falling out of the sky theme and loads of other people to enjoy it too. Magic. Thanks everyone for a great trip!

   Darryl with the American Goldies
 Vince, Rene and Pierre and the 2015 team 
Birding buddy Katt and me- thanks Katt!!!  (photo Kathy Rita) 

 On Terceira island tomorrow for my last day on the Azores until next time.


Unknown said...

it was great fun and thanks for the patience and guidance... look after yourself

Peter Alfrey said...

You too, take care, keep well- speak to you in about 1 minute on facebook or something! lol